Into the Wonder: A Painting Video

Today I am getting chills as this video is released into the world. My brilliant friend Kristen of Brave Alice Productions filmed this, and it’s set to the song “Birds and Stars” by Elephant Revival, whose music speaks to my soul.

I am so honored and humbled by seeing the way that Kristen has made this portrait of me. The dialogue at the beginning was completely candid, as I was driving with her over to the coast – I didn’t know she was recording it and it totally ends up summing up my whole philosophy about art & healing. We made this video as a way to communicate the way I approach the creative process. Very much based in nature & place, with acceptance and permission to play.

Kristen says “Two wild women and a deep, driving sense of wonder bring you this collaboration piece. There is immense gratitude happening in our hearts.

Annamieka offers workshops, retreats, classes and mixed-media paintings imbued with enduring love and devotion to expressive healing.

For Brave Alice, this is the first project completely shot and edited in house!

Thank you Elephant Revival for graciously bartering songs for art, Ryland Brooks for editing help, and Nick Kallman for some audio magic.”

I feel so lucky to collaborate with such brilliant artists. Thank you, Brave Alice, and thank you, Elephant Revival. This movie moves me to the core.  XO  Annamieka

Brave Alice Kristen Mico

Filmmaker Kristen Mico of Brave Alice Productions